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Four reasons to ply-line your new van

Apr 30, 2019 | News

So you’ve just invested thousands on a new van, but tools flying around in the load area have caused some damages? One way of avoiding this is by adding ply-lining to your new van, Car & Van Finance Direct reveal four reasons why adding ply-lining may be wise!

Why should I add ply-lining to my new van?

The damages caused to your van as a result of dints and scratches by tools flying around may appear minimal, after all these are incredibly strong and durable machines. However with the primer and protect paint removed from your new van, then there is an increased possibility that your van will rust and erode. Once rusting starts, the problem can soon worsen with structural integrity of the van being effected as well as its overall value.
Here are four reasons to ply-line your new van

1. Prevent expensive repair costs

Once your van is damaged, it will cost you to pay for repairs to prevent the damages from worsening. These can prove expensive and if this happens on a regular basis then it can mean a significant outlay as well as the van downtime. Ply-lining your van can reduce or even eliminate completely some of these repair costs, saving you on van downtime and money.

2. Prevent internal leaks and damages to your van

Panels that are not protected by ply-lining can erode, thus having a negative impact on the level of protection offered by the van. Debris, dirt and rain can get through holes that have formed, not only worsening the potential problem of rusting, but can also mean damages to the tools and valuables in the rear of the van. Whatever you use your van for, ply-lining helps to protect your cargo in the load area of the van.

3. Maintain the value of your van for longer

It is important to protect your investment, adding ply-lining to your van helps to maintain the value of your new van for longer. This can also mean selling your van for a higher price when it does come to replacing your van and also avoiding expensive wear and tear costs if you’ve taken out a contract hire agreement.

4. Lengthen the useful life of your van

Protecting your van with ply-lining from dints and scratches not only means that the value of the van will be maintained for a longer period of time, it can also lengthen the useful life of the van. After investing a significant figure in a van, either upfront or with van finance, it is important that you get as much use out of the van as you can. Ply-lining protects panels, prevents damage if your load is not fully secured and also protects from scraps and scratches which may be caused during loading or unloading of cargo.

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