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Be sure you’re choosing the best new van for your business

Jun 24, 2019 | News

Investing in the right van for your business is incredibly important, yet many get this wrong. Car & Van Finance Direct take a look at some of things you should consider before buying a new van!

Choosing the best new van for your business

Before signing on the dotted line and investing your money in a new van purchase or van leasing agreement you may want to ask yourself some of the following questions:

  • What will the van be used for?
  • Where will it be used?
  • Who will be using it?
  • How much load space do you require?
  • What van security measures do you require?
  • What daily journeys will the van undertake
  • How much annual mileage do you cover?

Whether this is your first new van purchase, or you are replacing one, or adding to the fleet, budget is likely to be high on your list of priorities and this will not only include the monthly or purchase price, there’s also costs associated with running the van.

The larger the van that you opt for and the more the van carries, the more fuel you are likely to use and the more you are likely to spend on van insurance. If you’re not able to afford outright purchase or don’t want to worry about purchasing a depreciating asset, then you may want to consider van leasing or contract hire to spread the cost of the van into monthly payments.

There are a large number of vans and options on the market, with the latest technology and features available, as well as improved levels of fuel efficiency.

So with all this choice, how can you be sure you are opting for the right van for your business? Don’t panic, here are some handy pointers!

Panel vans

Available in small, medium and large, panel vans offer a versatile storage area perfect for the transportation of a wide variety of goods and cargo. The majority of models come in a selection of wheelbases and variants and with rear and side doors to make loading and unloading of cargo as easy as possible.

Luton vans

You’ll find huge amounts of space in Luton vans or box vans which provide an extended cargo area above the cab area of the van, in conjunction with the box-shaped area to the rear of the van. You’ll tend to find that most Luton vans are wider than the standard panel van equivalent but only offer loading at the rear of the van. You’ll also need to be aware if you’re regularly driving on routes with low bridges or buildings with canopies.


A fast growing area of the UK new van market, pick-ups are no longer renowned for just being good workhorses in areas such as farms or building sites, they are also growing in popularity as lifestyle vehicles. These are excellent if your cargo is ok to be exposed to the elements. Double cab pick-ups offer the option of doubling up as a family car, whilst there are various cover options for the rear to shield your cargo from the weather.

Crew vans

Named double cab in vans by some manufacturers (Ford and Vauxhall to name a couple), these are the best choice for versatility and if you transport people. These usually come with a second row of seating behind the front row in panel vans and still offer impressive load carrying capabilities behind this second row of seats. These are incredibly popular for use as taxis or minibus businesses.

Van insurance

When you’re buying or leasing a new van, you’ll require van insurance and this may cost more than your average car or SUV as working vehicles come with a different set of risks associated. A general rule of thumb although there are exceptions is the larger the vehicle, the higher the van insurance premium is likely to be, so make sure you can cover the running costs and insurance. Luckily Car & Van Finance Direct have an affiliation with Van insurance specialists Commercial Vehicle Direct which helps you obtain a discount on van insurance and help answer all your van insurance queries.

New vans on finance

Looking for a new van? Car & Van Finance Direct can certainly help! Our team of industry experts van help you find the best van and van finance package for your requirements. Simply fill in a contact form or call us on 02920 789234 to get the ball rolling today!