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Five reasons to lease your new van

Mar 25, 2019 | News

You may be looking for a new van for your business, whilst outright purchase can prove a costly expenditure, particularly if you’re a relatively new business. Here is where van leasing and contact hire comes in, where you can give back or sell the van at the end of the period and can decide whether you’d be looking to buy another. Car & Van Finance Direct reveal five reasons to lease your new van.

Five reasons to lease your new van

Brand new van

One of the main reasons you should consider van leasing for your new van is that you’ll get a brand new van that will work well for all of your requirements. You can choose from incredibly popular brands such as Ford vans and Mercedes-Benz vans and you’ll have a brand new van in no time. This can also give a more professional image of your company to clients and save the costs of repairs of older vans.

Spread out the cost

If your business is relatively small then you may not have the capital available for a large initial deposit or to purchase a van outright. Van leasing spreads out the cost and only pay rentals for the van in smaller monthly payments. This will give you the ability to budget for your spending and you won’t be increasing the level of debt on the business.

Tax advantages

Frustrated by paying too much tax on your small business? When you lease your business van you can reclaim some of the VAT when it comes to the monthly rentals. To do so, your business will need to be VAT registered and you will need to only use the van for business purposes. When completing your tax return, you are also able to claim back the cost of the lease rentals as an expense.

Less worry

Depending on the type of business, you may be relying on your van to keep your business running and any issues will not only affect van downtime, but also have an impact on the profits. With a van leasing agreement you won’t need to get an MOT if the van is less than three years old and it won’t have been used previously so it ought to last a lot longer before requiring repair work. Your business needs a van it can rely on, this is almost guaranteed with van leasing, so you can spend your time focusing on other aspects of your business.


Technology is rapidly advancing and by opting for van leasing instead of buying a used van, you will benefit from these advances. These include more efficient models which cost less to run, improvements in infotainment and a growing number of driver assistance technologies to keep you and your van safe on the move.

Van leasing deals

Looking to lease your new van? You can check out our latest deals here. To find out more just submit your details online or call us on 02920 789234 to get the ball rolling on your brand new vehicle.