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Six simple checks to help keep your vehicle on the road

Apr 15, 2019 | News

Car & Van Finance Direct are here to help, we provide six simple checks which can help keep your car or van on the road!

How to keep your vehicle on the road

Prevention is better than cure when it comes to many things and this includes vehicles. Give your car or van a thorough check every few weeks or so and you may see problems before they cause you to encounter a breakdown. There are 6 key areas you need to keep an eye on, spelling out FLOWER. So ensure you keep on top of fuel, lights, oil, water, electrics and rubber and you won’t go far wrong!


Don’t wait until the fuel light comes on to top up your vehicle, particularly if driving in an area you’re not too familiar with, if you’re running low and see a petrol station then take that opportunity to top up. Running the fuel down to empty on a regular basis can also have an impact on the vehicle’s filter.


Clean your exterior lights thoroughly every few weeks or so, whilst doing so, also check for cracks in the lenses and blown bulbs.


Vehicle manufacturers warn that certain vehicles can use up as much as a litre of oil for every 1,000 miles travelled, so it makes sense to check your oil level on a regular basis. Don’t wait for the oil pressure warning light to appear as damage to the engine may have already occurred by this stage.


Thousands of breakdowns a year are caused in the UK as a result of overheating, particularly in hotter weather, so ensure you check your coolant level every couple of weeks or so. If the level always seems on the low side then check for leaks. It is also worth keeping the windscreen washer fluid topped up.


The number one cause of breakdowns in the UK are due to battery problems. If your battery is getting tired and overused then replace it with a new one before it lets you down. Also make sure that the radiator’s electric cooling fan starts running with the engine is hot. You can check this by running the engine when the vehicle is stationary or check at your local garage.


Damaged wheels and tyres are also one of the top 10 causes of vehicle breakdowns, so ensure you check your tyre pressure on a regular basis. If they are not properly inflated then you could be putting your vehicle and yourself at risk, they’ll also wear out faster and reduce your fuel economy.

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